Burrowhead Holiday Village is continually undergoing extensive park improvements to encourage more people to experience the beauty of this remote, idyllic Scottish park. Family is at the centre of Burrowhead’s ethos, and this is shown in the site layout, entertainment and amenities available, and the staff's personal approach to all visitors.

In recent years, people are taking holidays in a different way and for many this means staycations are set to stay. To meet demand, Burrowhead has put together a carefully designed first-time owners package that gives people the opportunity of owning their own holiday home starting from £16,500. This package includes a pre-loved holiday home and also gives new owners access to a dedicated supportive aftercare team.

The aftercare team supports all new owners to ensure that all costs are fully explained and transparent and that each owner understands their specific holiday home.

This approach allows people to realise their dream of owning their own piece of heaven whilst having the peace of mind that they have a team available to support and guide them as they commence on their holiday home ownership journey.

Burrowhead Holiday Village is leading the way in making holiday homeownership possible at an affordable price. Due to the demand, there are only a few slots left. To find out more about Burrowhead Holiday Village, ‘Scotland's hidden gem’, please use the contact form below.

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