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Published June 17, 2022

Staying at Burrowhead Holiday Village brings you closer to nature, especially the ocean. The park is surrounded by scenic local beaches, allowing you to swim or relax under the sun. You can also enjoy a peaceful picnic by the sea or play on the unspoilt pebbled and sandy beaches. Whatever you are looking for, there is something for everyone. Here are some of the best beaches near Burrowhead.

Beaches near Burrowhead

Note: The postcodes below are the nearest properties to the beach.

1. St Ninian’s Cave Beach

Postcode: DG8 8JU

(6 miles away by car, 3 miles away via a clip top pathway)

The beach at St Ninian’s Cave is one of the most popular beaches near Burrowhead for both locals and visitors. The beach is located three miles southwest of Whithorn and looks out over Port Castle Bay. This pebbled beach leads towards St Ninian’s Cave and boasts a stunning view of the sea at sunset. Given the number of large pebbles on the beach, towers of stones can be seen along the shoreline. Why not build your own?

St Ninian’s Cave is situated at the end of a collapsed part of the rocky headland. Note that while it is a cave, it does not lead deeper into the rock or underground. Nonetheless, it has become a significant historical and religious site following St Ninian’s pilgrimage.

To get to the beach at St Ninian’s Cave from Burrowhead, you can walk directly from the site along a cliff top pathway. This is around 3 miles long. Please note that this path is unsuitable for buggies and children as it can be quite close to the edge in places. Alternatively, you can take a shorter forest trail from a car park close by. This walk takes around 20-minutes. The parking postcode is DG8 8JU, and the beach is signed from here. It’s better to take the car park access when going with smaller children.

2. Garlieston Beach

Postcode: DG8 8BA

(9 miles away)

Garlieston beach is a large sandy bay in Garlieston Village. The beach is perfect for children to play around as a long stretch of the water stays shallow. Plus, you can access the beach easily with minimal walking required.

Note that there is no lifeguard in the area. So, keep an eye on the kids even if the water is shallow. Moreover, be careful when paddling at low tide as the area has some visible wreckage from the Mulberry Harbour in WW2. Aside from the sea and the view, visitors will enjoy exploring the tiny fish and shrimps left by the tide and the crabs in the rocks near Garlieston’s harbour. Overall, this is a go-to beach near Burrowhead for families and groups.

3. Rigg Bay

Postcode: DG8 8HF

(9 miles away)

After exploring Garlieston beach, you can follow the coastline path for around a mile to arrive at Rigg Bay (also known as Cruggleton bay). Its location helps it resist prevailing winds and makes it a warm and sunny area when the sun shines. Like Garlieston beach, Rigg Bay also features shallow waters that stretch for a long way. As a result, the beach is safe and easy to swim or play around. This secluded and sheltered bay offers a stretch of sand shaped in an arc. Trees follow the coastline adding to the beach’s warmth and scenery.

Rigg Bay is set in the grounds of Galloway House and Gardens. You can also access the beach by parking at Galloway House Gardens and walking through the gardens which open out onto the bay. Galloway House is an imposing building and makes for an impressive backdrop whilst the gardens and scenery are simply beautiful. If you walk beyond the beach and follow the pathway, you can see the Cruggleton Cliffs and the Cruggleton Castle ruin.

Overall, Rigg Bay is perfect for those who like to switch off, unwind and walk. The long sandy walks and shallow water allow for an enjoyable and relaxing experience.

4. St Medans Beach

Postcode: DG8 8NJ

(9 miles away)

St Medans Beach is one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Dumfries and Galloway. The secluded beach can be found at the edge of the golf course and offers breathtaking views of Luce Bay to the Mull of Galloway. You can find rock pools and caves on the far left of the beach. Visitors also enjoy the airy cliff-top walk to Johnnie Logie’s cave. It was named after Johnnie Logie, a blind hermit who lived in the cave for over 20 years until 1962.

To get to St Medans Beach, leave Burrowhead and drive to the Isle of Whithorn. Turn left and leave the village. Stay on this road for 8 miles and just before the village of Monreith take a left turn which is signed for St Medans golf course. There is a car park right next to the beach. 

Besides its beach, many visit St Medans car park for its popular stargazing site. The location is deemed to be a good location to stargaze, given its low light pollution levels, distance from other towns, and safe parking space.

5. Monreith Beach

Postcode: DG8 9LH

(10 miles away)

The Monreith beach features a long and wide beach with pebbles near its cliff and sand by the shore. The rock area and cliffs lead towards the small village of Monreith. You can find the parking on top of the cliff, giving a stunning vantage point of view across the Solway firth to the Isle of Man. To access the beach from the clifftop parking, you will need to take the steps down the cliff side, called the Kelton steps. There are approximately 80 steps.

Some of the activities you can do include exploring the caves and rock pools when the tide is out. One of the most popular caves in the area is the Butcher’s Cave. However, many visit the Monreith beach for swimming in the summer season and fishing throughout the year. The coastline is also suitable for walks, especially during low tide. Overall, you can enjoy everything a beach has to offer at Monreith beach.

Check out all of these beaches and have fun in the sun when you book a stay at Burrowhead Holiday Village. Meanwhile, if you want to explore other places near Burrowhead, check out what to see in the local area.


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