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Published July 28, 2022

Owning a caravan or lodge allows you to have hassle-free holidays at breathtaking locations. Burrowhead Holiday Village offers one of the most scenic holiday destinations, showcasing the nature and wildlife of South West Scotland. However, one challenge to owning one is kitting it with all the necessities to make sure that you have everything you need at your fingertips. That’s why Burrowhead recommends this list of things to consider purchasing for your caravan/holiday home. Take a look below!

Things to Buy When Kitting Out Your Caravan

1. Microwave

microwave oven for mobile home
Image via Unsplash

Many caravans that are recently produced come with a microwave. However, if yours doesn’t come with one, you will need to buy one. Make sure to buy one that fits your caravan in terms of size, weight, and wattage.

2. Kettle

Part of your caravan essentials list should be a reliable kettle for your hot cup of tea in the morning or cocoa at night. It’s best to use an electric kettle for convenience and to save on gas. Just take note of your caravan’s wattage requirements.

3. Toaster

Having a handy toaster on your kitchen counter makes preparing breakfast and snacks easier. When buying a toaster, try to get a low-wattage model to save on energy.

4. TV with Freesat box

A cosy caravan needs a good TV with a Freesat box for those movie or TV nights with the family. Note that holiday homes on Burrowhead need a Freesat box due to the signal required. Please do not confuse this with Freeview as this doesn’t pick up a signal.

5. Washing-up bowl

A portable washing-up bowl allows you to wash dishes anywhere. It is also useful to use as a bucket for outdoor jobs!

6. Dish drainer

Make drying plates, glasses, and utensils easier with a dish drainer. Find one that fits your kitchen counter.

7. Crockery and cutlery

When kitting out your holiday home, stock up on enough crockery and cutlery for your dining needs. It’s best to get a set that’s a good size to fit within your storage space. Plus, make sure they are chip and crack-resistant, and safe for microwaves and dishwashers.

8. Glassware

Ensure you have an array of drinking glasses and cups to suit your needs. Perhaps a gin goblet or champagne flute depending on your drink of preference as well as tumblers and plastic cups for younger children. Be aware of the storage you have, as particularly tall or wide glasses may not fit!

9. Oven gloves

Oven gloves are a simple accessory to add to your caravan’s kitchen but they come in quite handy and can brighten up a kitchen!

10. Scissors

As in any home, scissors are a must-have to help you open food items or cut through cloth and paper. Surprisingly, many forget to bring their scissors when furnishing their caravan. Don’t forget yours as you’ll be surprised how many times you need them!

11. Bottle or tin opener

Another important item to buy when kitting out your caravan is a bottle or tin opener. This will be essential for your tinned food items or for cracking open your favourite beer or wine.

12. Measuring jug and colander

Another essential item to include in your kitchen cupboard is a good measuring jug and colander. Both will help make food preparation and serving easier.

13. Slow cooker

slow cooker for mobile home burrowhead
Image via Unsplash

Having a slow cooker in your caravan allows you to make delicious slow-cooked stews or curries perfect for cold nights or family dinners after a day out and about. This kitchen appliance is a must-have for all families!

14. Chopping board

Don’t forget to bring a chopping board to cut your meats and vegetables. A small kitchen counter makes it difficult to prepare meals, so a chopping board helps you cut your food safely and cleanly anywhere.

15. Placemats and coasters

Add a splash of colour by buying pretty placemats and coasters. These will also help you clean the tables easily after eating and keep your dining table in good condition.

16. Pots and pans

Of course, make sure to bring reliable pots and pans to help you cook all your favourite dishes. Notice how most of the essentials on this list are kitchen and dining items as cooking is one of the simple pleasures you can enjoy during your time at your holiday home. If cooking is not your thing, then don’t forget that Burrowhead has its own cafe, the Headland Cafe, for you to enjoy!

17. Bedding 

Make the beds extra comfy, clean, and cosy with patterned or matching bedding sets. When they are not in use or over the winter months, it’s best to store the bedding in vacuum bags to keep them from collecting dust or smelling musty.

18. Extra blankets

One of the things to buy after getting your caravan is extra blankets for when guests appear or for colder nights. Blankets are also must-have items to cosy up on the sofa for a movie night!

19. Bins

Rubbish can easily accumulate inside caravans and holiday homes. So, buy both small and large bins to collect rubbish, ensuring your caravan stays clean and tidy.

20. Bin bags

Don’t forget to buy extra bin bags!

21. Tea towels and cloths

tea towels
Image via Unsplash

Make cleaning extra easy by buying an assortment of tea towels and cloths. Then you can rotate them at each visit, taking only dirty ones home and ensuring you are never without!

22. Cleaning items

Some essential things to make caravanning easier include cleaning items like a duster, disinfectant spray, polish, bleach, and a cleaning item for glass and windows. Invest in these items to make your holiday home ownership effortless.

23. Air freshener

A plug-in air freshener is a great way of ensuring that your holiday home always smells fresh and clean when you arrive for your stay!

24. Descaler

The water supply at Burrowhead can fur up appliances with limescale, so invest in a good descaler solution to occasionally clean your appliances.

25. Small hoover

When owning a caravan or lodge, it’s recommended to buy a small hoover since it is portable and easier to store. Ultimately, it makes cleaning easier in small spaces.

26. Clothes horse and pegs

Other must-have items in your caravan are clothes horses and pegs. Dry clothes conveniently inside or outside the caravan, especially if you don’t have a dryer.

27. Portable clothesline

Don’t forget to put a portable clothesline on your caravan essentials list as it’s a must-have for caravan living, especially for big families.

28. Coat hooks

Don’t forget to install coat hooks in your caravan to hang your clothes, coats, dressing gowns, bags, kitchen items, and more. This will help save space without making the caravan look messy.

29. Moisture traps

Reduce the level of humidity, damp patches, and musty smells in your caravan by placing moisture traps in every room. 

30. Doormat

door mat
Image via Unsplash

Keep your floors clean by placing a doormat in the main door or every room. Plus, it adds a cosy feel to your caravan.

31. Hairdryer

For most people, a hairdryer is a must-have item when going on a holiday. Make sure to have one ready in your caravan so you don’t have to remember to bring one with you each time.

32. Electric heater

One of the most important things to buy after getting your caravan or holiday home is an electric heater. These are practical and can be placed in different rooms easily and heat up quickly. Just be mindful of having them close to walls or placing clothes on them as they get very hot and can burn items. Always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

33. Kitchen paper and loo roll

Don’t forget to stock up on kitchen paper and loo roll. You wouldn’t want to ruin your holiday by running out of toilet paper at an inconvenient moment!

34. Bath mats and towels

When it comes to bathroom essentials for your holiday home, start with bath mats and towels. Add extra towels for guests and replacements so that your towels can be rotated for washing.

35. Hair and facial products

Bring your choice of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, and face wash, and stock them inside your bathroom cabinets.

36. Sun lotion

As the sun can appear sometimes when you least expect it, make sure you have a supply of good sun lotion with broad spectrum coverage suitable for the whole family.

37. Phone charger and USB plugs

You wouldn’t want to miss taking great photos and videos of your stay. So keep your phone battery full by bringing a phone charger and USB plugs for it and all your other gadgets.

38. Bluetooth speaker

Feel free to sing or dance to your favourite tunes with a portable Bluetooth speaker. This is a great item to have handy for impromptu parties or BBQs!

39. Children’s games and toys

Image via Unsplash

Although Burrowhead Holiday Village offers plenty of fun activities for children, it’s always a good idea to stock various children’s games, like board games and colouring items for those rainy days or days when you just don’t want to get out of your PJs! A pack of playing cards and dominoes are also a great idea, as these are good indoor activities for the whole family to enjoy.

40. Pen and paper

A stock of pen and paper are simple items to buy. These are often easily overlooked and yet come in very handy on a daily basis!

41. Books and DVDs

Try to fill a shelf with your must-read books and must-watch DVDs to add extra entertainment for the whole family.

42. Basic tool kit

Prepare a basic tool kit that includes a screwdriver, extra batteries, fuses, and a torch in case you need to do some quick fixes inside or outside your holiday home.

43. First aid kit

Most importantly, bring a first aid kit for emergencies. Always think of your safety when buying essentials for your caravan.

44. Fire extinguisher

One of the things to ensure you have in your holiday home is a fire extinguisher. Keep it out of reach from children but make it accessible enough to get to in case of an emergency. A fire blanket is also a good idea to have in the kitchen in case of accidents whilst cooking.

45. Bottled water

All holiday home owners at Burrowhead are advised to bring bottled water as Burrowhead has a private water supply and therefore it is advisable to boil all tap water for use.

46. BBQ

Image via Unsplash

A great caravan holiday isn’t complete without a good old BBQ. Don’t forget to buy one for your caravan and enjoy great food with your family or the Burrowhead community.

47. Folding outdoor chairs

Buy folding outdoor chairs for your holiday home, and just enjoy admiring the breathtaking sea views over the Isle of Man. If your outdoor furniture folds away, place it inside your door between visits to extend its life.

48. Pet accessories

If you are bringing your beloved pets, make sure to bring their necessities as well. These may include a pet bed, bowl, lead, and waste bags.

49. Wellies

In case it rains, keep a pair of wellies in your holiday home to help you trek on muddy paths.

50. Flip-flops

Feel free to kick your shoes out and slip into your flip-flops when strolling around the caravan park.

51. Slippers

Finally, whether you are getting a holiday home or staying at a caravan rental, always bring a good pair of slippers for you and your family to keep your floors clean and keep your feet warm!

Spruce Up Your Caravan with These Must-have Items

Take note of these holiday home essentials as you might need them when you finally purchase your holiday home when you need to update the items you already have. If you’re looking for the best caravans to buy or rent, Burrowhead Holiday Village offers a competitive selection of pre-loved and new holiday homes to purchase as well as chalets, static caravans and lodge accommodations to rent.

Experience the beauty of the rugged coastline and enjoy being unplugged from the world here at Burrowhead Holiday Village, located in South West Scotland. Take a look at our website for more information today.

Meanwhile, check out our other blogs for more information about caravanning and Burrowhead Holiday Village.


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